A Better Budget For Auckland

Auckland Council has proposed sweeping cuts to arts, community, environmental and climate change activities. Now is a time to invest in our city, not to hurt it for years to come. A better budget is possible, and that’s what we’re here to propose.

The Council claims to be facing a fiscal crisis, and that major cuts are necessary. We believe:

The fiscal crisis is overstated and mischaracterised by Council

Decisions are being made too quickly for cuts of this scale

There are more options on the table than the Council has proposed

Alternative Budget

We have developed an alternative, which groups and individuals can publicly support - and use in their submissions to the proposed budget. This budget would avoid rushed and destructive cuts and would buy Aucklanders time to properly consider a way forward for the future of our city.

This budget has been put together by a group of concerned Aucklanders seeking to demonstrate the levels of community opposition to the budget. We have backgrounds in, among other things, climate justice, economic policy, and community organising.