What Are You Losing?


Community Gardens Lose Support


Community Grants


Increase in Community Leases


Cut in Local Board Community Funding

Water Quality

Cuts to funding for Water Quality improvement.
Reduced prevention of wastewater, sediment, pollutants in our beaches, harbours, and streams.

Funding of Homelessness Initiatives

Less support for homelessness programmes, including cuts to programmes which help people into homes.

The Zoo

More expensive tickets
Less council support for zoo operations


Full closure of CAB


Cuts to funding for ANZAC Day events.
Smaller events, and in some neighbourhoods, cancelled.

Youth Support

Cuts to funding for youth centres.
Less support for at-risk youth in the community.
Less places for young people to spend their free time.

Movies In Parks

All funding cut.

The Airport

Permanent sale of Airport shares.
Aucklanders lose their say over the airport.
No future revenue from dividends.


Cuts to entertainment funding, and venue funding.
Less music, theater, art, or other forms of entertainment in the city.
Venue closure.


Cutting the Kauri Kids Childcare programme.
Hundreds of families suddenly without childcare.

Public Transport

Fare increase.
Scrapping planned increase in bus frequency.

Economic Development

Cuts to economic development funding.
Worse economic conditions in an already turbulent economy.

Art Gallery

More expensive tickets.
Less events or exhibitions.

Community Gardens

Stopping support for 44 community gardens.

Towncentre Regeneration

Postponement or cancellation of various town centre regeneration projects.

$3 million of community grant funding including:

- Environment
- Climate
- Community Development
- Arts and Culture
- Events
- Sport and Recreation
- Heritage

Greater than 900% increase to the cost of community leases (e.g. community gardens):

Sites with buildings from $1,000 to $10,000.
Sites with no buildings from $250 to $2,500.
Fixed administration fee $1 to $1,300.